What does BikeRacker cost?
Cost is determined by number of bike racks required, duration of the event, and permitting needs. Our service is all inclusive; with delivery, setup, and breakdown provided within the overall rate. For a simple, no permits events we can provide bike parking for as low as $3 per bike.

I don’t know how many bike racks are needed?
In the Portland, OR metro region, we recommend planning for 5-7% of total attendee’s for bike parking. This is a good starting point, and based on the details and variables of your event, we may recommend adjustments in total capacity.

Where will we put the racks? There’s not space for bike racks at my event?

We conduct a pre-event on-site visit or review to determine best location for the racks. Our rack systems are very flexible and adaptable to most event spaces, working within the public right of way requirements to insure compliance. The result and overall goal is getting bike racks centrally located and visible to attendees for maximum use.

How far in advance do I need to make arrangements?
Depending on event size, time of year, and logistics, 3-4 weeks notice if possible, but we’ve serviced last minute requests. We have plenty of racks to support multiple events, but the Spring, Summer, and Fall can be busy, so get your request in early to insure confirmed support.

What happens if bikes are left over after the event has concluded?

It is first priority to make sure bikes are safe and not left unsecured after an event. In most cases, we can remove bikes from our racks and secure them onsite (with owners locks intact) to return to find without any inconvenience. In very rare cases, we cannot safely leave bikes at the site and are removed upon rack pickup and returned to the rightful owner upon contact and quick resolution.

Deposits and Payment Options:
50% deposits required on events over 300 bikes, we invoice post event to finalize payment. Currently accept Cash or Check, and PayPal is possible with a 3% surcharge due to processing fee’s.

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