Our mission is to provide innovative, secure, and highly functional bicycle parking solutions that encourage, support, and grow cycling participation and awareness. We look forward to the day when parking a bike is as convenient and integrated into daily life as clicking on a helmet, or turning a pedal.

We dream of bicycles in still, orderly arrays, just as we gaze at them in fluid, chaotic motion. We’re inspired by the elegantly simple machine that is the bicycle and all of those that chose to ride for whatever reason or purpose.

We’re driven to enhance experiences by transforming bicycle parking one event and one rack at a time. Even something as practical as a bicycle rack can inspire, and we strive for simple but effective solutions to current and future bicycle parking applications.

BikeRacker is a product of my own frustration in not finding proper parking solutions available for the cycling community. Having a background in Product Design and a passion for working with my hands, I feel that the time has come for well-designed and constructed parking options.